Thursday, May 4, 2017

Balo Vineyards/Anderson Valley/Philo California/Stark's Steak and Seafood/Night Before Thanksgiving!

As we drive into the Anderson valley we have stopped for lunch in Boonville.A few miles up the road is Philo and the home of Balo Vineyards.I have three great features for you,and all new wines from this great winery.let me introduce you to Alex Crangle,and we will open a few wines and enjoy the Anderson valley afternoon.First let's check out the history for this beautiful winery, and then get into these great wines.In 2006 we completed the tasting room project and we broke ground in June of 2011 on the winery. Working with local architects and builders we designed a winery building and master landscape/hardscape plan that will complement the existing tasting room and honor the local agricultural architecture. The most distinctive feature is a pair of vents above the roof line meant to echo the most significant feature of the few remaining apple dryer barns in the valley. These vents will be functional as they will provide our night air cooling. We purchased this bucolic 14 acre property in 2003, named it Balo Vineyards and began a comprehensive re-development of the vineyards, irrigation systems and structures. After 13 years of steady progress we are pleased to share our dream of producing world class wines with you. We start with the Pinot Gris. Upfront aromas of gooseberry, pressed white flowers and bee pollen followed by mouthwatering stone fruit and waxy-honeycomb with a long finish that hints of crisp, fresh yogurt and lemon curd. A perfect wine to start with,crisp and great up front fruit,and a perfect finish. Next onto a couple interesting wines. Structured layers of fresh stone fruit, white garden flowers, and a hint baking spice give way to notes of lemon custard and juicy apple. Lean and dry with a lingering minerality, subtle complexity is sewn into every sip.The Pinot Noir Blanc kinda caught me off guard,and so much that I came back for another glass! The rose speaks for itself!Rose of Pinot Noir from Anderson valley...need I say more?Aromas of freshly harvested alpine strawberry and tropical fruit compliment the dry, refreshing watermelon, cranberry and grapefruit. Layered with a precise minerality, this Rose is the perfect summer wine! We had to stop for lunch and dinner,all in one!As we opened the Pinot Noirs! Three great wines,but you know I'm up to the task! Forward aromas of dried cherry, baking spice, and oolong tea bend to fresh mulberry and forest floor. Dark, red fruits balance vibrant, floral notes. Ripe pomegranate, black cherry, and wild blueberry are grounded in duxelles, slate and earth.I think we have done enough's time for some great food and wine with winemaker Alex Crangle! Take a moment and listen with us as we enjoy these great new features on Balo Vineyards!Cheers! Click here and join us as we enjoy great wines and stories from Balo Vineyards. Click here and join us as we enjoy great wines and stories from Balo Vineyards. Click here and join us as we enjoy great wines and stories from Balo Vineyards. Click here and join us as we enjoy great wines and stories from Anderson Valley and Stark's Steakhouse and Seafood.

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