Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Picture Yourself(If You will) In Front Of The Secret Door/ Donald Patz

Of course you want to seek out the key to the lock of the secret door?INDEED! first Let's introduce you to a fabled vintner From Napa Valley and Sonoma ,Mr.Donald Patz! We have the amazing bottle of the Cabernet in front of us, What is the Secret Inside The Secret Door in Napa Valley’s Wine Country? March 19, 2018 · by Amy Lieberfarb · I bet it’s wine. He is well known for opening one of California’s most highly regarded wineries, creating an acclaimed portfolio of single-vineyard wines. With an equally well know reputation for quality, consistency and excellence in the bottle spanning two decades, I couldn’t be more excited about his newest endeavor. The Secret Door. wines. Patz had promised Jung Min that if she would move to California from Virginia to be with him he would – someday – make a Cabernet Sauvignon wine for her. Secret Door Winery Paying homage to her. A tribute label. Promise Kept. The fruit is sourced from vineyards of exceptional quality. Each Cabernet site brings something different to the bottle by virtue of its location. A true sense of place. Inspired by Napa. All from various Napa appellations. Incredibly varied characteristics depending on where the grapes were grown. Most of these vineyards have low yields, which is oftentimes seen as a hallmark of higher-quality Cabernet Sauvignon, and a key element to success as a new Napa vintner. From Hirondelle Vineyard in Stags Leap District to Sage Ridge on the hillsides just east of St Helena. If you take the history and talent of a wine making legend like Patz, take into account the current trends in the industry and combine this with the right vineyard location and conditions… you get a very desirable bottle of wine. The result here is pure Napa Valley… complex, densely structured, and equally beautiful to sip or to cellar for a special moment later. Everyone is talking. Similar to any speculative frenzy, The Secret Door Cabernet, is one to get before it’s too late. These are just a few of the secrets behind the secret door.So let's get it started!!Sit down and relax and click on the link below!Join Donald Patz and I as we discover The Secret door!Cabernet! Cheers! Click here and join us as we enjoy the wines of Donald Patz .

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