Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Don Wallace/Dry Creek Vineyard/Single Vineyard Zinfandels

Recently I sat down with Don Wallace and discussed the wines of Dry Creek Vineyard.I'm very impressed with this winery.They have always been a force from this region but now lead the way in their production of Zinfandel. They have a very impressive program in place to rejuvenate their production of this grape and the prove is in the bottle.Today we will look at the tasting notes of a few single vineyard Zinfandels,and look into the history of this incredible force from Dry Creek growing region. Vineyard diversity forms the cornerstone of their winemaking philosophy. Sonoma County’s has a vast array of growing conditions that allow us to satisfy our desire to define varietal type by discovering varietal-specific growing conditions. To ensure a measure of control in this regard, we farm multiple vineyards within ten separate estate-owned properties in the heart of wine country that total approximately 185 vine acres. For example, the Dry Creek Valley is the keeper of our hearts for several types of wine, including Sauvignon Blanc, Zinfandel and, more recently, the Bordeaux varieties. Our passion for wine, though, often causes us to connect with the Russian River Valley for cool-loving grapes like Chardonnay. For our Chenin Blanc, Clarksburg, in the Sacramento Delta, satisfies us with precisely balanced fruit. Our family-owned vineyards provide approximately 65% of the overall production at Dry Creek Vineyard. Additional fruit is sourced from other Dry Creek Valley vineyards managed by long-term contract growers. In addition to vineyard diversity and the use of varied appellations to produce our different types of wine, there is also the lesser-known, more complex, notion of terroir. Climate, soil and “that special something” all come together to form an ideal backdrop for grape growing. And it’s not just grapes that flourish in Sonoma County wine country – plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables all enjoy the dramatic and varied topography of our region. From the incredible farmers’ markets to the use of fresh ingredients by our local restaurants, it’s no wonder why wine grapes enjoy such great success in Sonoma County and the Dry Creek Valley. Dry Creek is a growing region that is located just outside of the great town of Healdsburg.A perfect area to visit on your next wine country excursion. Let's get started!Our first Zinfandel is the 2015 Somers Ranch Zinfandel. This is one of may great wines we will talk about today. Somers Ranch Zinfandel is always one of our most deeply perfumed and brambly Zinfandels. This incredible vineyard provides us with a wine that is dark and rich with aromas of blackberry, plum, cherry and blueberry, mixed with hints of flowers, cocoa powder and sweet oak. The palate is reminiscent of a berry pie with flavors of boysenberry, blackberry and black cherry. Subtle notes of dried sage and cedar add to the lush mouthfeel. This bold Zinfandel is luxurious and fresh with firm tannins and structure. Our second wine today is the 2016 DCV7 Wallace Ranch Zinfandel. Initially, the aromas show fruit-forward tones of black cherry, cranberry sauce and boysenberry syrup. Subtle notes of juniper, cardamom, nutmeg and cinnamon come forward after several minutes of airing. On the palate, flavors of blackberry, dried blueberry and black cherry mix with soft undertones of mocha, dark chocolate, marzipan and black pepper. The wine is supple with tremendous complexity and symmetry between fruit, alcohol, tannin and acid. The finish is clean and pure with wonderful structure and balance. Stay with me folks as the end of these notes will bring us a glass of each wine and a great new feature with Mr. Don Wallace. Our third Zinfandel today is the 2015 Spencer's Hill Zinfandel. Spencer’s Hill is one of the most beautiful spots in our Endeavour Vineyard. The fruit from this dramatic hillside produces intense aromas of boysenberry, bing cherry and cranberry. Secondary aromas of forest floor, mushroom and allspice come forward after a few minutes of airing. Hints of cedar intermingle with rich flavors of black cherry, black raspberry, cranberry sauce, dark chocolate and baking spices. Robust tannins shine through with refreshing acidity and exquisite balance. The long, lingering finish of this voluptuous Zinfandel showcases the expressiveness and complexity of this site. We will be here a while and I hope you are hungry!!??Let's move onto our fourth single vineyard Zinfandel from Dry Creek Vineyard! This wine is the 2015 Farmhouse Vineyard Zinfandel. Initially, the aromas show fruit-forward tones of cranberry, boysenberry syrup and fresh raspberry. Subtle notes of five-spice and dried bay leaf come forward after several minutes of airing. On the palate, flavors of craisins and cherry mix with soft undertones of black tea and cocoa powder. The wine is supple with tremendous complexity and silky tannins. The finish is clean and pure with a refined elegance. A beautifully balanced wine from an impressive estate Zinfandel property.We have an amazing task in front of us... now we have to enjoy all four of these wines and pair them up with some great food!You wouldn't mind helping us...would you?? Pull up a chair and we will click on the link below and learn more about these incredible wines from Dry Creek Vineyard!Cheers! Click here and join us as we enjoy the single vineyard Zinfandels of Dry Creek Vineyard .

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