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Dry Creek Vineyard/Don Wallace/ Sonoma White Wines/

We have arrived and will enjoy three great white wines today with Mr. Don Wallace and Dry Creek Vineyard. We will start by checking out their website and look into the tasting notes on our three feature wines. The history of Dry Creek Vineyard is a long and colorful one. Founded in 1972 by David S. Stare, Dry Creek Vineyard paved the way for a renaissance of winemaking and viticulture in the Dry Creek Valley. Before his arrival, the Dry Creek Valley was little more than a few family farms and prune orchards. It was Dave’s vision to start a Loire Valley inspired winery, which triggered a viticultural reawakening in northern Sonoma County. Without a doubt, David Stare is a pioneer. Heading west in the late 1960s, he personified the character and work ethic of early Gold Rush pioneers. Educated at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Dave worked for the B&O Railroad for several years but quickly realized that his true calling was in the wine industry. Inspired by his trips to the Loire Valley, he headed west to California to start his own family winery. Today, our second-generation family owned winery continues to evolve and grow to meet the demands of a global wine marketplace. The primary mission of our winery is to produce distinctive wines that overdeliver on quality. For nearly 50 years, this pursuit of winemaking excellence has led to many international awards and accolades. With a loyal following of wine club members and customers, the future of Dry Creek Vineyard has never been brighter. 185 acres of estate vineyards are the foundation of our winery. Using the latest technology and working diligently with our grower partners, we carefully manage our vineyards to ensure the highest standards of quality for each vintage. Our first wine today will be the 2017 Fumé Blanc. The 46th vintage of Fumé Blanc is a beautiful wine that emanates the classic Dry Creek Vineyard “house” style of Sauvignon Blanc. At first swirl, aromatics of Meyer lemon, grapefruit, pineapple and lemongrass leap forward from the glass with nuances of freshly cut grass and cucumber. On the palate, the wine is bright and refreshing with flavors of lemon, passionfruit, grapefruit and lemongrass with underlying minerality. This wine is mouthwatering and delicious with lovely intensity and a clean, pure finish. We will now open the second wine which is the 2017 Sauvignon Blanc . This delicious wine incorporates small amounts of Sauvignon Musqué and Sauvignon Gris which adds a layer of depth and a fleshy, full-bodied mouthfeel. At first swirl, this wine presents tropical aromas of pineapple, passionfruit, melon and orange liqueur. On the palate, flavors of lemon curd, guava, tangerines and mineral notes come through with a slightly creamy, but lively finish. Stainless steel fermentation was supplemented with small amounts of chestnut, acacia and French oak barrels adding additional character and nuance to this delicious wine. Seamless from start to finish, this is an elegant and refined Sauvignon Blanc. Now we will open the third wine of this beautiful afternoon. The 2017 The Mariness!! This is Dry Crekk Vineyard's inaugural vintage displays intense aromas of cantaloupe, pear, lemon and lime. After a few minutes, softer floral nuances come forward mixed with deeper, musky characters for added complexity. The palate is fresh and sophisticated with vibrant flavors of honeydew melon, Meyer lemon and a touch of peach. The bright acidity of this refreshing wine is balanced by the creamy mouthfeel contributed by aging in French oak, acacia and chestnut barrels. Agriculture is a natural way of life for Don Wallace, the product of four generations of a hard-working California farming family. Don’s interest in machinery took him away from the farm for fifteen years while he pursued a career in international construction. While he was on a project in Sonoma County in 1980, Don met Dry Creek Vineyard founder David Stare’s daughter, Kim Stare, whom he married in 1982. With his father-in-law and wife in the wine business, Don’s next move was a stint among the vines at Murphy-Goode Estate Winery to “test drive” his new family’s industry. After one year, Don accepted his father-in-law’s offer to manage ranch operations at Dry Creek Vineyard in 1990. Don’s sphere of influence gradually grew to encompass every aspect of the business, including winery operations and sales, as well as vineyard development and acquisitions. Don took on the role of General Manager in 1999 and in April 2006, he was appointed President of Dry Creek Vineyard. In 2012, Don decided to take a well deserved sabbatical to pursue some outside interests as well as an extended list of honey do’s at home! Read more about Don on the Dry Creek vineyard website. i have poured a glass of each of these wines for you,please sit down and relax as we click on the link below and join Don wallace and learn more about these very special wines! Sit any where you like! Cheers! Click here and join us as we enjoy the wines of Dry Creek Vineyard .

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