Thursday, June 13, 2019

San Lorenzo Rock Garden and The Pearl/ Journeyman Wines/Healdsburg California

Today we will open two incredible wines from Journeyman Wines. the new feature about these two wines is full of history and facts about these special wines. first let's check out the tasting notes and a little of the history behind the story,and then listen as we hear about these beautiful wines. In 1896, Pete Seghesio's great-grandfather, an immigrant from Italy, purchased a young vineyard for 10 gold coins he earned working as a cook in California’s gold mines. With its fog, cobbled hillsides and proximity to the ocean, this special place reminded him of his hometown in Italy, San Lorenzo. At the same time, my paternal grandfather, already a winemaker in California, founded Seghesio Family Vineyards and Winery. Eventually, my parents would meet over a grape purchase at the San Lorenzo Vineyard. Today, it is my privilege to steward the San Lorenzo Planting, and honor the iconic 120-year-old vineyard that has helped shaped my life. Humbled our family’s rich history in and deep love of the California wine industry, I began Journeyman with my wife and sons to share with them a craft that has sustained our family for generations. With ten gold coins earned working as a cook in the California gold mines, my great-grandfather purchased the San Lorenzo Planting in 1896. The San Lorenzo Vineyard The San Lorenzo Planting today comprises 140 acres, 40 acres of which are planted to vineyard. And, not only is it our home but home to our winery, cattle, chickens, fruit orchard, olive grove, restaurant vegetable garden and, four our two teen-age boys, a small motor-cross course. The purchase deed makes reference to a young vineyard already producing on the property suggesting that the vineyard was planted before 1892. Today, we call this vineyard treasured by my mother, Rachel Ann Seghesio, the Pearl. The Pearl became the cornerstone for subsequent plantings on San Lorenzo which is today, one of the most iconic vineyards in California. Idyllically located aside the Russian River and bordering the town of Healdsburg, the San Lorenzo spans both Alexander and Russian River Valleys. Its rocky terraces, foggy mornings and southern facing slopes make it a treasure rivaling any gold discoveries of my grandfather. Each lot of fruit is hand harvested in the early morning hours and, then, sorted as it enters the winery. Gently pressing over a period of four hours, we yield less wine while avoiding bitterness from the skins. Once in barrel or concrete egg, native yeast begin fermentation. All lees remain in barrel throughout the aging process adding complexity and richness. Now it's time to open these two wines. Produced from the steepest part of our San Lorenzo Estate, the Rockgarden vineyard derives its name from the large cobbles that challenge it to produce fruit. The Padrone clone, a favorite from my many days walking acres of Sonoma County’s zinfandel vineyards purchasing for Seghesio, was my choice for this site just below our home. Grapes are harvested at night, double sorted, then placed in small 4-ton, open-top tanks where they cold-soak for 5 days at 55°. Punch-downs and pump-overs ensue until day 6 when we turn off the cooling and inoculate to begin fermentation. Aging 100% François Frères (1/3 each new, one-year old and two year old barrels). 2015 was rated 93 points in the Wine Spectator The Pearl comes from the oldest vines planted near the Russian River, north of Healdsburg, from vines mentioned in an 1896 deed still framed in the Seghesio house. When my great grandfather, Francesco Passalacqua purchased this vineyard in 1896 with ten gold coins he earned working in California’s goldmines, the deed made reference to a young zinfandel vineyard. That vineyard I still tend today. In fact, walking the vineyard I realized it is not simply Zinfandel so I enlisted the expertise of Dr. Andy Walker from UC Davis to help me identify the abundance of varietals. We discovered our own gold mine. While this century old field blend is almost 70% Zinfandel, the remainder boasts not only Zin’s usual companions, Petite Sirah and Carignane but also Grand Noir, Alicante, Negrette and Mataro. My mother cherished this original block of San Lorenzo. In her honor, we call it THE PEARL. Varietal Composition: 69% Zinfandel, 5% Carignane, 15% Petite, 10% mixed reds. 2015 Vintage rated 95 points Wine Spectator Now let's join Pete and get the rest of the story.Click on the link below and join us!Cheers! The time is now!! Click here and join us as we enjoy the wines JourneymanWines .

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