Thursday, October 30, 2014

Crush2014/Pedroncelli Winery/Greenwood Ridge/Handley Cellars/

We have another great harvest in the books,and Sonoma and Mendocino counties are very excited about the fruit.We will visit Mendocino County and enjoy the wines of Anderson valley.Then we will stop and visit with Jim Pedroncelli,and end our journeys with great food and lodging in the heart of Sonoma County.Great food and wine,and that's my signal!?!IT's Time to Feeeeeed Doc!!Join me,won't you!?! Click here as we enjoy the wines of Greenwood Ridge . Click here as we saved you a seat. Click here and join us as we enjoy another great dish. Click here and enjoy the wines of Pedroncelli and Sonoma county.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sonoma County/Harvest 2014/Harvest With Pedroncelli Winery

Yet another harvest is here,and wine country is running full speed toward another great vintage.Today we will enjoy the wines from Pedroncelli Winery.We will also travel into the Dry Creek area and taste wines at the great tasting room of Pedroncelli winery.First I would like to let you know many reasons why this beautiful winery has been so successful,and then on to the great Applewood Restaurant.Located in the heart of the Russian River area,this B/B and restaurant are a perfect stop to enjoy the produce of this amazing county along with the wines of Pedroncelli Winery. ... about Pedroncelli Winery Since 1927, when John Pedroncelli, Sr. purchased vineyard and a small winery in Sonoma County's Dry Creek Valley, two elements remain unchanged: the exceptional place the Pedroncelli family farms vineyards, and the family's dedication to making fine wines. From selling grapes to home winemakers during prohibition in order to keep the vineyards going, to growing a small base of business during the 1930s and 1940s, to the second generation joining their father: son John becoming winemaker in 1948 followed by Jim in 1955 as sales director, to 1963 when the winery was officially purchased by John and Jim from their father, to growing the line of wines in the 1960s with vineyard expansion and diversification, to the boom time of the 1970s and 1980s along with many changes and additions to our sales base including national sales and export, the third generation coming on board and vineyard replanting in the 1990s to the 21st century where the fourth generation is coming up the ranks... and it is still a family owned business. It all adds up to tradition, heritage and a family of wines you can enjoy with confidence.And now its time to "FeeeeeD Doc"!Cheers! Click here and enjoy the best of Sonoma County. Click here and join us as we celebrate harvest2014.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Harvest 2014/Sonoma County/Balletto Wines/Applewood Restaurant

Recently I traveled to the Russian River area,and enjoyed some great food and wine pairings with the chefs.It was a great night full of stories of the harvest and many amazing dished paired with the wines from Balletto vineyards.I love to include the tasting notes from the wines and let you know how special these wines are! Here are a couple..... 2012 Russian River Valley Estate Pinot Noir 91 Points - Wine Enthusiast, September 2014 92 Points & Gold Medal - 2014 LA International Wine Competition Gold Medal - 2014 San Francisco Chronicle Competition This ruby-colored Pinot Noir has an intense aromatic profile tha tbegins with equal parts bright fruit (dark cherry, tart rhubarb, floral violets) and savory elements of cola, cardamom and coffee. The smells are complex and ever-changing in the glass over time. Overall, the wine has struck the fine balance between delicate and structured, and will improve with bottle aging during the next three to five years (or more). It is undeniably Pinot Noir grown and made to be distinct, elegant and delicious. 2012 Russian River Valley Estate Winery Block Pinot Noir For our single vineyard Pinot Noirs, we strive to showcase how each individual site creates distinct and dramatic wines. The 2012 Winery Block Pinot Noir is no exception. This is only the sixth year Balletto has bottled this single vineyard Pinot and it is quickly becoming a favorite for those looking for complex, nuanced and distinct Pinot Noir. Let's join the chefs at Applewood Restaurant.Cheers! Click here join us for the next course.

Roederer Estate/New Releases/SummerTime Sparkling Wines

I traveled into Anderson Valley a few months ago.I visited the amazing Roederer Estate,and we did features with all the wines.Here are notes from their website on the release of two great Sparkling Wines.I recently opened these wines and shared them with the chefs at Applewood Restaurant. L'Ermitage 2005 L'Ermitage, Roederer Estate's special Tête de Cuvée, is a sparkling wine made only in exceptional years from pre-selected, estate-grown grapes. Carrying on the tradition of Champagne Louis Roederer in France, Roederer Estate produces its sparkling wines in the traditional French methode and adds special oak-aged reserve wines to each blend. L'Ermitage debuted with the 1989 vintage. WINEMAKING Roederer Estate wines are made with juice from just the cuvée pressing; no première or deuxième taille is used. The concept of the vintage L'Ermitage is the same one that is used in Champagne: Only the best of the vintage is selected. These are exceptional wines that create a "noble" (special) blend that allows for longer aging, which produces a fine wine with elegance and finesse. Four members of the blending team include winemakers from Champagne Louis Roederer in France and Roederer Estate in California, together totaling over 130 years of experience. The wine for the reserve dosage added to the L'Ermitage 2005 was aged six years in a French oak cask. Following disgorgement, L'Ermitage 2005 was aged an additional five months (minimum) on the cork prior to release. Harvest The 2005 harvest began on August 18th, which is a fairly normal time for the Anderson Valley. From July 2004 to July 2005, the rainy season was plentiful with nearly 48 inches of rain. Although budbreak was early, the conjunction of a mild spring with wet events followed by a dry but not hot summer, lead to a later than initially anticipated harvest. Pinot Noir was affected by these spring rains as the vines were blooming. It resulted in a higher than usual rate of shatter and therefore a loss of crop. Chardonnay which blooms later was less affected by the May rainy events. The average hang time was affected by the loss of crop and showed particularly on the Pinot Noir with 84 to 91 days - the lighter the crop the faster the vines ripen the grapes with a healthy canopy! Chardonnay hang time was 94 to 113 days also showing some effect of shatter and lighter crop in some areas. Acidity on the 2005 wines was high but pH stayed within range allowing a ripe and crisp blend of L'Ermitage. L' L'Ermitage Rosé 2004 L'Ermitage Rosé is Roederer Estate's first-ever special Tête de Cuvée Rosé. As in Champagne, L'Ermitage is made only in an exceptional year of pre-selected grapes that come from the very best lots of Roederer Estate's own 580 acres of vineyards. Winemaking Roederer Estate wines are made with juice from just the cuvée, i.e. the first pressing of the grapes; no première or deuxième taille is used. The concept of the vintage L'Ermitage is the same one that is used in Champagne: Only the best of the vintage is selected. These are exceptional wines that create a noble (special) blend, which allows for longer aging and produces a fine wine with elegance and finesse. Four members of the blending team include winemakers from Champagne Louis Roederer and Roederer Estate, together totaling over 130 years of experience with Roederer. The rosé blend is crafted using a small fraction of red wine, from Pinot Noir grown on the Estate, especially made for this purpose using Burgundian maceration technique that allows skin contact to extract color and aromas. This red wine brings delicate berry flavors and a nice color to further extend the L'Ermitage smoothness and subtleties - allowing for a unique tasting experience. About 2.5 percent of red wine of pinot noir was used in the blend. The wine for the dosage used in the L'ERMITAGE ROSÉ was the 2004 wine liquor, aged for 6 years in a French oak cask. Following disgorgement, L'ERMITAGE was aged an additional eight months (minimum) on the cork prior to release. Tasting Notes L'Ermitage Rosé brings complexity and smoothness to a higher level. The delicate salmon colors enhance the tiny bubbles and creamy mouthfeel. Notes of bread crust, baked apples and caramelized hazelnut create an elegant and complex wine. The wine is crisp with great acid on notes of quince jelly and anise. Harvest The 2004 vintage was the earliest ever. This occurred because of a warm early spring and a relatively small fruit set that can be explained by the rainy spring of 2003, when the buds were forming. It was easy to get full ripening of the grapes, and the base wines for our sparkling wines had a very good acidity and a balanced pH. It was a great year for pinot noir red wines as we got full maturation of the skin and very good color intensity.Click here as we enjoy these great new releases. Click here and join us,we saved you a seat.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Napa Valley/Senza Hotel/MoriMoto Napa/Schramsberg/SummerTime

As summer has turned into harvest in wine country,I have traveled into the great Napa Valley.We will discover a great new Hotel,and will visit great friends at Schramsberg Vineyards,and make the evening complete with a special visit to Morimoto Napa.Do We have to remind you of the Main Theme of the show is??That's Right!We will be staying at the Great new Senza Hotel.This has been a great Bed and Breakfast for many years,and they have spent years making this one of The Napa Valley's incredible Hotels.The valley is full of great attractions,history,and harvest adds an extra buzz in the air.Recent vintages have been amazing and this year will be no different.Make plans to visit this incredible valley very soon. Please join us as we.....Feed DOC!We saved you a seat!Cheers! Click here and join us as we enjoy our Napa Valley Wine Country Excursion. Click here and join us.the chef made a great food and wine pairing!.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Northern California Wine Country Excursion/Great Food And Wine In the Summertime

We are traveling into the beautiful Northern California wine regions.We have packed wines from four amazing wineries.We are off in search of the perfect food and wine pairing!Care to join me?We are featuring the wines from Balletto Vineyards,Pedroncelli Winery,Handley Cellars,and Simi Winery.We will enjoy the food of many chefs,and will try a few different combinations.After all,you may love Pinot Noir with the next dish,and I may love Pinot Noir and Zinfandel...and Merlot,and Cabernet.We have them all!Please join us as we start out on our wine country Excursion!Cheers! Click here and join us for our first course. Click here and this course might be your favorite. Click here and join us for the next great food and wine pairing. Click here and join us as this might be your new favorite food and wine pairing. Click here and this course will get us very close to dessert.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Northern California Wine Country Paradise/Three Great Sonoma County Wineries/West Coast Road Trip

Summer time is special in Wine Country,and this vintage is turning out to be an almost perfect growing season.The vineyards are amazing,and the weather has been perfect.We will feature three very famous Sonoma country Wineries,and a number of great chefs to pair up many summer dishes with the World Class wines of Sonoma County.First we visit Mr. Jim Pedroncelli,and enjoy the wines,paired with a few different dishes.Then we will open a few bottles from Balletto Vineyards.We will finish our meals...,with the wines of Simi Winery.These wineries are,the old and the new of this very special growing region.The wines are open ,and the chef is working hard!Join us as it's time to FEEEEEED Doc!Cheers! Click here and join us as we enjoy the wines of Sonoma county. Click here and we will pour you a glass of each of these beautiful wines from Sonoma county. Click here and I hope you are still hungry as we have many new dishes on the table. Click here and join us for this great food and wine apiring.