Thursday, January 28, 2016

Cafe Campagne /Inn At The Market/MidNight In Seattle

There are times when you must drop EVERYTHING,and just get away.Where you ask?Thanks for asking!I suggest a quick flight up to the beautiful city of Seattle,and a three day stay at Inn At The Market.We can relax and enjoy all that downtown has to offer.Number one ,we can walk around Pike Place Market,and have lunch at Pike Pit BBQ!there are many world class restaurants to have dinner at,and we have decided on Cafe Campagne .not only is it very close to the Inn,but the food is amazing,and the service rocks!let's find out more about the Inn At The Market. INN AT THE MARKET - THE ONLY DOWNTOWN SEATTLE HOTEL IN PIKE PLACE MARKET Newly remodeled in 2015, Inn at the Market is the only downtown Seattle hotel located directly in the famous Pike Place Market. Inn at the Market is a tranquil hideaway, just steps away from the vibrant atmosphere of Pike Place Market and the Seattle Waterfront. Inn at the Market offers modern Pacific Northwest style and comfort surrounded by downtown Seattle’s most acclaimed restaurants and iconic landmarks.Inn at the Market From the Inn's 76 rooms, guests can savor views of downtown, Pike Place Market, Seattle's waterfront, the Puget Sound, and the Olympic Mountains. Of all downtown hotels Seattle can offer, the Inn at the Market's rooftop deck provides the ultimate panoramic view of Pike Place Market, downtown Seattle, and Elliott Bay. Explore the city and then unwind on the deck with cheeses and Northwest wines from Pike Place Market as you watch the ferries cross the Puget Sound into a glistening sunset. Inn at the Market offers a signature Northwest experience, treasured by visitors and locals alike, courtesy of a first-class downtown Seattle hotel. Recognized nationally by Travel + Leisure and Conde Nast, Inn at the Market's attentive staff is ready to oversee every detail of your stay with remarkable hospitality. From our hotel lobby fireplace, to our unique collection of regional art, to our unbeatable location in Pike Place Market, Inn at the Market is your Pacific Northwest home away from home. Relax and enjoy a luxurious stay in one of the best hotels in downtown Seattle. Whether you are here to experience local culture and cuisine, or international exhibitions like King Tut in Seattle, Inn at the market is your best choice in hotels Seattle has to offer. then we should tell you more about Cafe Campagne.The Heart of France in the Heart of Seattle Since 1994, CafĂ© Campagne has built a regional and national reputation as Seattle’s foremost classic French restaurant. Located just along the historic Post Alley of the Pike Place Market, we offer a dining experience that is exceptional in traditional food & wine, and comfortable in ambiance and service. Whether you have a full lunch or dinner, week-end brunch or opt for a quick mid-afternoon coffee, we create a place to enjoy regional French cooking and beverage parings for leisure, business, or special occasions. Come share in our ongoing commitment to living the pleasures of a well-crafted life! Is that you calling?Oh you have decide to join us!Excellent! First let's enjoy this great feature.Cheers! We saved you a seat,please join us,we are sitting at the bar.

Washington State Wineries/Maryhill Winery/Salty's On Alki

Happy New Year To everyone!We have a great new feature for you.Recently I traveled to the beautiful city of Seattle,and enjoyed the holidays in the city.I caught up with old friends,and got caught up with some of the great local Washington Wines. Maryhill Winery is located on the Columbia River and in the area known as"The Gorge". A summer wonderland and home to many great wineries.Let's check out our feature wine from Maryhill Winery. Sangiovese, 2013 Tasting Notes: Garnet color. Aromas of mixed berry jam, campfire, vanilla and rich plum on the nose. Beautiful balance of fruit and acidity with notes of raspberry jam, bing cherry and boysenberry on the palate. Appellation: Columbia Valley Vineyard Source(s): Gunkel Vineyards (Estate), Tudor Hills Vineyards Alcohol Content: 14.3% Cases Produced: 1,649 cases Click here and join us as food just arrived at the table. Aged for 20 months in 30% new French oak Varietal Composition: 100% Sangiovese We have opened this special wine and chef Jeremy is ready with a great dish to go with this wine.Your seat is empty...are u on the way?CARRY ON!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

2016 Belongs To Maryhill Winery/January In Seattle/Cafe Campagne

We have enjoyed New Years eve,and now we are recovering in Seattle.Our feature today will take us to Maryhill Winery,and we will enjoy a few different wines.We have to tell you about the amazing Inn At The Market,and we made reservations at one of Seattle best restaurants! So just relax and we will open two Cab Franc from Maryhill Winery.Let's check out the tasting notes first. Cabernet Franc, 2011 Acclaim: Silver - Seattle Wine Awards Tasting Notes: Dark ruby red. The immediate fruit experience of raspberry and plum with a hint of bell pepper makes this Cab Franc a fantastic sipper! The aromatic nose moves into a smooth finish of cassis, caramel and fine spices. Appellation: Columbia Valley Vineyard Source(s): Tudor Hills Vineyards Alcohol Content: 13.3% Cases Produced: 678 cases Bottle Size: 750ml Fermentation: Aged for 18 months in 50% new French, American & European oak Varietal Composition: 100% Cabernet Franc Cabernet Franc, 2011 RSV Tasting Notes: Aromatic and well structured, with aromas of cherry, roasted chestnut, clove and sweet pipe tobacco. Balanced, smooth finish accentuated by notes of marionberry, cassis and pepper. Appellation: Columbia Valley Vineyard Source(s): Gunkel Vineyards (Estate), Hattrup Farms, Tudor Hills Vineyards Alcohol Content: 14.4% Cases Produced: 254 cases Bottle Size: 750ml Fermentation: Aged for 20 months in 40% new French oak Varietal Composition: 100% Cabernet Franc We now have checked into the Inn At The Market,and our reservation is a half hour away.Take a moment and enjoy our feature!Then we will meet you at Cafe Campagne!Cheers! Click here and join us,we saved you a seat!.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Pike Pit BBQ/New Year's In Seattle!!

We are enjoying a lazy weekend in the beautiful city of Seattle.Downtown has always been a food and wine paradise,and now we are discovering the fabled Pike Place Market!Here is some of the recent press and please just the facts!I'm very hungry and excited about our lunch today at Pike Pit BBQ Just under the iconic, glowing red Public Market sign is the new Pike’s Pit tending to all who pass through the market with barbecue cravings. The spot opened recently and replaced Market Galbee, the Korean barbecue grab-and-go locus, although not much looks the same. Pike’s Pit is framed in fire engine red with marble countertops, customers are welcomed with a sign that reads, “Genuine, slow roasted, and wood smoked bar-b-que,” as a clear case below holds up turkey legs wrapped with gold foil. Pike’s Pit serves traditional barbecue in the way of sandwiches and bulk meats to go from a very familiar name in Seattle barbecue, Pecos Pit Bar-b-que off of First Avenue. Pecos brings in pork, beef, chicken thighs, beef brisket, turkey legs, and hot links daily to Pike’s Pit, which stores them in hot boxes until they’re served. By no means is Pike’s Pit a popup or second location of Pecos, but there is a strong affiliation between the two. Chef Jeremy McLachlan holds the reins behind Pike’s Pit, and is also the Salty’s corporate chef. He devised the housemade “tasty adds” side dish section on the menu, which includes twice-baked potato salad, cowboy caviar, and “cold slaw” to accompany the sandwich or bulk meats. The trademarked Walkabouts bowl is also chef McLachlan’s own creation, a combo of Pecos beans, Tillamook sharp cheddar, slaw, and a pile of meat designed, as the name implies, for easy carrying. Pike’s Pit sandwiches come with pork, beef, chicken, brisket, or hot links and additions like “Make it Stinky” with blue cheese, “Make it Squeal,” which adds double smoked bacon, or simply the “Chin Dribbler”—smothered in twice the sauce. The sauce coating these smoky proteins should also taste familiar; Pike’s Pit uses Pecos Bar-B-Que sauce. Bulk meats to go include the pork, brisket, turkey legs, and smoked chicken. Enjoy a sandwich and get messy with Pike’s Pit between 11am and 5pm daily. I'm sitting down and ready to go!Chef has joined me,and we can only save your seat for a few minutes! You are on the way....RIGHT!?? CARRY ON! Click here we are about to enjoy the great food of Pike Pit BBQ.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas/Dinner With The Scottish Chef/

In your lifetime you enjoy many people.We share the good, the bad, and the indifferent.Hopefully, we all have great friends that we can count on.In that or two folks that can make you laugh... when it's not so easy to.Chef Jeremy is one of those friends! While I was editing this feature I even laughed one or twice myself.Be Safe and enjoy those who enjoy you.Let's get to this comedy feature...First ,lets Open this great Syrah from Maryhill Winery.We open a few wines including the Zinfandel from Maryhill,and Merlot from Kestrel Vintners.The Syrah became the star in this feature!We then had to order more food,as the wines were all incredible.We will get to those dishes shortly...for now please join us as we celebrate the holidays in Seattle with a smile.Cheers! Syrah, 2011 Tasting Notes: Dark violet color. Aromas of black peppercorn, blackberry and bing cherry. Lightly tannic with hints of cracked peppercorn and cherry on the finish. Appellation: Columbia Valley 2011 Zinfandel Item No. 11ZI | In Stock - Ships in 3-5 Business Days Well-balanced and nicely layered with hints of chocolate-cherry, ripe red fruit and wood notes which expand throughout the long and elegant finish.Both these wines are from Maryhill Winery.The Syrah showed great depth and fruit,and stood up to our feature dish.Speaking of that dish...It just arrived at the table here at Salty's on Alki!CARRY ON! Click here and enjoy this amazing dish,and wine,and bad jokes,and mainly just a good time to be had by all.

Inn At The Market/Seattle Washington/Salty's

I recently spent a few rainy days in beautiful Seattle.I lived in Washington for a few years,in the Seattle area.Salty's On Alki became my home away from home,and we now will visit this great Seattle restaurant.But first let's check in to the incredible Inn At The Market,and get ready for a great meal at Salty's On Alki. We will need a few wines.I'm thinking Washington's own...Maryhill Winery.We will bring a few great bottles and enjoy the view.the people and the food and wine.Oh and did I mention that Salty's has a limo that they will send to the hotels in downtown Seattle?They will pick you and your party up and deliver you to your table.Then after a great meal,they will escort you to your hotel by limo,and really take all the travel worry out of your feast at Salty's.It's now time to open the wines! Let's check the tasting notes and make a few decisions. Cabernet Franc, 2011 RSV Tasting Notes: Aromatic and well structured, with aromas of cherry, roasted chestnut, clove and sweet pipe tobacco. Balanced, smooth finish accentuated by notes of marionberry, cassis and pepper. Appellation: Columbia Valley Vineyard Source(s): Gunkel Vineyards (Estate), Hattrup Farms, Tudor Hills Vineyards Great choice!now maybe one more and I'll bring along one of the great wines from Kestrel Vineyards also. Lady in Red The fruit used to produce Lady In Red 10th Edition was grown at several outstanding locations around the Yakima Valley and Columbia Valley, including our own Kestrel View Estate Vineyard. Grapes from the chosen sites produce wines brimming with ripe black and red fruit flavors, coupled with generous full mouth feel. The fruit which composes Lady In Red 10th Edition was carefully picked at it height of maturity, then de-stemmed and crushed leaving 15% whole berries. It was fermented at 85°F, in small batches, for 7 to 10 days, then gently pressed so as not to extract .We will also open the great Syrah from Maryhill!Now are you ready?The limo will be here any minute!Cheers! Click here and join us as we enjoy Seattle at the holidays.Cheers!.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Seattle Christmas /Maryhill Winery/Salty's On Alki

The northwest is very chilly this time of year,but I will brave the elements as we enjoy great Washington wines from Maryhill winery ,and the food of Salty's On Alki.We should get right to the tasting notes as we have two and maybe three wines for this feature.I have enjoyed the wines from Maryhill for years,and they have become one of the best from this part of the world. Zinfandel, 2011 Tasting Notes: Scarlet color. Subtle floral aromas open up into a broad clove spice, ceylon cinnamon stick, and assam tea aroma. Well-balanced and nicely layered with hints of chocolate-cherry, ripe red fruit and wood notes which expand throughout the long and elegant finish. Appellation: Columbia Valley Vineyard Source(s): Alder Ridge Vineyard, Clifton Hill Vineyard, Gunkel Vineyards (Estate) Alcohol Content: 14.8% Fermentation: Aged in 60% new Oak (10% American, 5% European, 45% French) for 20 months Varietal Composition: 100% Zinfandel I love Zinfandel! /this wine was perfect with the lamb. Merlot, 2010 RSV Acclaim: Silver - Winemaker Challenge; Silver - Dallas Morning News Tasting Notes: Deep earthy notes accentuated by a roasted, charred character enhanced by herbal notes of rosemary and thyme. Soft on the palate with enticing aromas of red fruit. Appellation: Columbia Valley Vineyard Source(s): Les Collines Vineyard, Elephant Mountain Vineyard Alcohol Content: 14.5% Ca Varietal Composition: 100% Merlot I also tried the Grenache with this dish and all the wines worked well. Folks I'm going to head back to the Inn At The Market for a brief rest. Click here and join us for a great food and wine pairing. Carry On!