Friday, April 22, 2016

Allan Green/Mendocino Ridge Syrah/Old Vine Zinfandel/Greenwood Ridge Vineyards

Greenwood Ridge vineyards makes wines mostly from Anderson Valley,and Mendocino Ridge.There is also a wine from Alexander Valley which has become one of my favorites.We will feature Syrah and Zinfandel today,and a few stories from Allan Green. Greenwood Ridge Vineyards has always thought that their unique wines required a similarly unique location for tasting. Their octagonal tasting room was designed by Aaron G. Green, father of owner/winemaker Allan Green. Aaron was a San Francisco architect and an associate of Frank Lloyd Wright for many years. A single tree provided all of the redwood used to build the tasting room. The 400-year-old tree fell during a storm in the winter of 1969 and remained on the winery property for 15 years before being milled to build the tasting room. The huge tree had a diameter of almost 13 feet. Since 2006 our tasting room has been fully powered by the sun. The solar panels also provide power for three electric vehicle chargers. We have a high-speed charger for Leafs, Teslas and Kias, a dedicated Tesla charger, and a level 2 charger for all electric cars. Charging is free to our customers. Our tasting room on Highway 128 near Philo is open daily, 10-5. 2014 Zinfandel Small open-top fermentation yields a lush wine with vibrant, juicy and jammy raspberry, strawberry and cherry fruit, with hints of chocolate and French oak. Scherrer Vineyards Sonoma County 0.63 T.A., 3.77 pH 13.9 % alcohol 60% French oak 40% American oak Barrel aged 8 months Suggested cellaring: up to 4 years Bottled August 19, 2015 Released: January 2016 200 cases produced 2014 Zinfandel Small open-top fermentation yields a lush wine with vibrant, juicy and jammy raspberry, strawberry and cherry fruit, with hints of chocolate and French oak. Scherrer Vineyards Sonoma County 0.63 T.A., 3.77 pH 13.9 % alcohol 60% French oak 40% American oak Barrel aged 8 months Suggested cellaring: up to 4 years Bottled August 19, 2015 Released: January 2016 200 cases produced $29 Awards Silver, San Francisco Chronicle 2013 Syrah Syrah is the perfect varietal for Greenwood Ridge, taking advantage of the extended growing season to ripen slowly and evenly into late October. While retaining its innate earthy minerality, our Syrah shows off aromas of dark berries and leather. Mendocino Ridge Estate bottled 0.66 T.A., 3.53 pH 14.1% alcohol 50% French oak 50% American oak Barrel aged 20 months Suggested cellaring: up to 4 years Bottled March 4, 2015 Release date: August 2015 200 cases produced The wines are open and we are ready!Let's join Mr. Allan Green and learn more about these great wines from Greenwood Ridge Vineyards! I know you love Zinfandel and Syrah,please join us.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Greenwood Ridge Vineyards/Anderson Valley Pinot Noirs/AllanGreen

Another great feature with Allan Green combines with two great Pinot Noirs from Anderson valley,AND a couple baseball stories,and a perfect match or two.That's what I'm talking about!We have two wines ,so let's get right to it and check out the tasting notes and more of the history of this amazing winery from Anderson valley. For Allan, work and fun are different aspects of the same reality. He created the California Wine Tasting Championships in 1983, a contest in which tasters of every level of proficiency competed in wine identification. The only event of its kind in the country, Allan presided over the competition with characteristic flair and wit until the 30th and final competition in 2012. Now Allan has created a new event, the California Wine Pairing Championships, to highlight our Wine Club Weekend, set for the second weekend in August. If Allan isn't in the vineyard or the winery, you can find him playing centerfield for the World Champion Greenwood Ridge Dragons, who in 2007 (and again in 2008!) won the 50+ World Championship at the Men's Senior Baseball League World Series in Phoenix, Arizona. In 2009, the Dragons also won the Fall Classic in West Palm Beach, Florida. In 2011 the Dragons won their fourth world championship in five years at the MSBL World Series in Phoenix in the of the history of this amazing winery from Anderson valley. 2013 Pinot Noir **** "Supple and full bodied, this is a fairly rich wine with fruity, spicy, toasty aromas/flavors and a long, smooth finish, tasting of plum, cherry, pepper, toast, and herbs." ---Restaurant Wine Magazine Mendocino Ridge Estate bottled 0.80 T.A., 3.75 pH 13.8% alcohol 100% French oak Barrel aged 8 months Suggested cellaring: up to 4 years Bottled August 28, 2014 Release date: January 2015 550 cases produced 2013 Hundred Point Pinot Noir The Hundred Point name comes from a rocky promontory on the nearby Mendocino coast, where, legend has it, one hundred ships have been wrecked. Only four barrels of our 2013 Pinot Noir were selected for the Hundred Point Pinot Noir blend, so we were able to produce just 100 cases. Let's join Allan Green and learn more about these two wines from Greenwood Ridge Vineyards!Cheers! We saved you a seat!.

Greenwood Ridge Vineyards/Merlot And Cabernet/Allan Green/ Winemaker's Winemaker and Grower.

I have known Allan Green for many years and always look forward to visiting with him.My love for wine,Anderson Valley,and baseball are just a few of our shared interests.We are talking about Merlot and Cabernet today. First let's check out a little history and then on to the tasting notes.After we will visit with Allan and enjoy these beautiful wines. Since 1980, Greenwood Ridge Vineyards has built a reputation for producing world class wines in small lots (total annual production is only 1500 cases). Greenwood Ridge Vineyards has been named one of America's top 30 wineries three times in recent years by Wine & Spirit Allan Green brings a creative imagination to all his endeavors. A graphic artist by trade, the art of grape growing and wine making captivated him in 1973. Thirty years later, the Mendocino Winegrowers Alliance presented Allan with the George Zeni Memorial Award for "outstanding stewardship of the land, community service and producing the highest quality wine grapes in Mendocino County." Of course he combines wine, art and design whenever he can. He commissioned a group of painters and musicians to interpret Greenwood Ridge Vineyards wines in their own ways because he wanted to know how to describe the essence of wine. We have to check out the tasting notes as I open these wines. 2012 Merlot **** "A supple, full bodied, balanced Merlot with medium richness, layers of complexity and a smooth, long finish. Aromas/flavors of cassis, tobacco, green olive, cherry and spicy oak. Delcious. Excellent value" ---Restaurant Wine Magazine Mendocino Ridge Estate bottled 0.79 T.A., 3.45 pH 13.5% alcohol 100% French oak Barrel aged 20 months Suggested cellaring: up to 5 years Bottled August 28, 2014 Release date: January 2015 300 cases producedes. 2013 Hundred Point Cabernet Sauvignon The Hundred Point name comes from a rocky promontory on the nearby Mendocino coast, where, legend has it, one hundred ships have been wrecked. The challenge of Cabernet on the Ridge is to get it ripe. When it does mature it is glorious, flush with blackberry, black currant, green olive, tobacco, cedar and menthol, with an elegant suppleness that dazzles. Mendocino Ridge Estate bottled 0.74 T.A., 3.67 pH 13.8% alcohol 100% French oak Barrel aged 20 months Suggested cellaring: up to 30 years Bottled August 19, 2015 Released: January 2016 100 cases produced We now will introduce you to Mr. Allan Green Please join us as food just arrived at the table.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Signal Ridge/Sparkling Wines/Anderson Valley

As the weather turns warmer,my thought tend to include sparkling wines more often.The warm summer evenings are made for bubbles.Let's check out some history and tasting notes as we open two great sparkling wines from Signal Ridge. In 1999, Roger Scommegna planted a small vineyard on top of Cold Spring Mountain, 9 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean, in the Mendocino Ridge appellation. Overlooking picturesque Anderson Valley at an elevation of 2,642 feet, The Signal Ridge Vineyard is the highest altitude vineyard in all of Mendocino, Sonoma and Napa counties. This challenging ridgetop terroir produces unique high end singular fruit. Signal Ridge wines are created through the teamwork, trust and cooperation connecting the Scommegna family and Anderson Valley. Winemaker Nicole Scommegna and Assistant Winemaker Stephanie Rivin employ both hard-earned expertise and good-humored trial and error to produce the perfect end product. Fruit from each vineyard is crushed, fermented and aged separately before going through blending trials to find the right recipe for each wine. SIGNAL RIDGE BRUT SPARKLING WINE WINEMAKING & TASTING NOTES SRV Brut Sparkling Wine is made in the m├ęthode traditionnelle. A pale lemon in color, its bubbles crown the rim of each glass like a bracelet of diamonds. It offers aromas of autumn harvest, apples and bread dough rising on the hearth. Hints of apple pie and marzipan tarry alongside the crisp minerality that lingers on the palate. Delightful to sip on its own or paired with a sunset.Cheers! We will open both wines and enjoy a couple great food and wine pairings!Please join us!Cheers! we have bubbles and poured you a glass of each wine.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Handley Cellars/Randy Shock/White Wines From Anderson Valley

We feature Anderson valley frequently,and tell of the world class Pinot Noirs and sparkling wines.Today we will introduce you to a few GREAT white wines from Handley Cellars. Handley Cellars is a small family-owned winery in California’s Mendocino County. Bonded in 1982, we produce around 12,000 cases of wine a year. Our quality starts with our Estate Vineyards in Anderson Valley. We are located at the northwest end of the Anderson Valley on 59 acres of the original Holmes Ranch. Still standing on the property are the now-refurbished ranch house, barn, and the original water tower. At Handley Cellars, we offer a wide variety of wines that complement today’s diverse cuisines. Winemaker Milla Handley seeks to make balanced wines that possess distinctive varietal characteristics, wines that reflect the soil and climate in which they were grown. Handley’s beautiful tasting room is located 6 miles northwest of Philo, California, on Highway 128. We offer tours by appointment, and our garden courtyard is open for picnics. Stop by to try our selections and, while visiting, enjoy our unique display of folk art collected from around the world. Handley Cellars completed the CCOF Organic certification process for grape growing in 2005, because we believe that this helps minimize our impact on the environment and creates a healthy workplace for our employees. We’ve taken additional steps to support environmental conservation at Handley, which include running the winery on 75 percent solar powered electricity, installing an EV charging station onsite for our guests, and using non-toxic products in all possible aspects of running the winery. Handley Cellars employs minimal intervention in the creation of our white wines. Barrels are used to provide structure, softness, and to contribute to the overall texture. Our Chardonnay and Alsace varietals have found a unique home in Anderson Valley’s cool climate. we have a few wines we are going to open.Let's check out the tasting notes on a couple of the wines and decide what dishes we will want to go with these beautiful white wines. 2014 was a year of early harvests in Anderson Valley. The fruit for this blend came from two different sources: Helluva Vineyard in Boonville and Romani Vineyard near Handley Cellars in Philo. We pick the Helluva Vineyard at lower ripeness for its tropical fruit and herbal characters. The unique divided lyre trellis shades the fruit, allowing for heavier yields while limiting total sugar accumulation. We let the fruit in the Romani Vineyard hang longer to develop fully ripe characters. The north facing orientation of that vineyard and its cooler location in the valley allow us to fully ripen the fruit while preserving the acidity. The fruit for this blend was gently whole cluster pressed to avoid any extraction of color or bitter phenols from the skins. It was drained to stainless steel tanks and allowed to settle for three days before being transferred to other stainless steel tanks for fermentation. We inoculated with VL3 and Alchemy yeasts, both selected to accentuate the thiols which naturally occur in Pinot Gris. After initiation of fermentation, one third of the blend was racked into 500 Liter puncheons and another third to a 3400 Liter oval to complete the process. The wood allows some oxygen intrusion which aids in the maturation of the wine. The puncheons were stirred on the lees weekly to release the aromatic thiols and mouth filling glycerides. One third of the blend was allowed to complete fermentation in stainless steel to preserve the fresh fruit character and a hint of residual sugar to round out the palate. This wine was prevented from undergoing any malolactic fermentation and was sterile filtered prior to bottling. No animal derived products were used in production. On the nose, this Pinot Gris offers tropical aromas of papaya and banana, with hints of orange blossom and freesia. Flavors of grapefruit, nectarines, and creamscicle, with hints of butterscotch and savory spices accompany a crisp, yet creamy, mouth feel. This wine would pair nicely with a cold cucumber soup, gazpacho, barbequed oysters, or steamed mussels with garlic and butter. This is the 2014 PINOT GRIS ANDERSON VALLEY.Maybe one more,as the food just arrived! The Pinot Blanc was picked by hand and gently pressed whole cluster. The juice was allowed to settle for three days in a stainless steel tank and then racked off the solids to another stainless steel tank to begin fermentation. The juice was inoculated with VL1 yeast which was selected for its ability to enhance the terpenes naturally present in this varietal. A small amount of Riesling was blended in post fermentation to add structure and a hint of sweetness. Both the Pinot Blanc and Riesling were prevented from undergoing any malolactic fermentation to preserve their bright fruity characters. The wine was sterile filtered and no eggs, dairy, or animal derived products were used in the production of this wine. This Pinot Blanc immediately draws you in with its sunny nature and aromas of spring flowers, apricot blossoms, and musk melon, its signature fragrance. The aromatics are boosted by the addition of Riesling providing floral notes. The fleshiness and creamy texture is created by extended yeast lees contacting. It has juicy peach and pineapple flavors, along with the creaminess of Macadamia nuts. This Pinot Blanc shows stature and structure, all the way through its long finish, which leaves you with a pleasant lingering smack of Bartlett Pear. This is a good starter wine that works well with appetizers such as prosciutto wrapped melon, cheese platter, roasted nuts, or chicken salad.I'm READY!RANDY IS READY! Let's join Randy and enjoy these amazing whiote wines from Handley Cellars! Cheers! We are sitting down to dinner,please join us.

Scharffenberger Cellars/Philo California/The Tasting Room

The day is warm already and I'm up early and heading toward the beautiful Anderson Valley.As I pass in and out of the huge town of Boonville,The cool of the morning has turned into a summer feel to the day.I'm turning into Scharffenberger Cellars,and greeted by winemaker Tex Sawyer Born into an Air Force family in San Antonio, Texas (hence the name), Tex Sawyer moved around quite a lot in his youth. His family touched down in diverse corners of the U.S., not to mention brief stints in Thailand and Japan. Like many in his field, he never imagined that he would eventually earn his living from a grapevine. However, while studying biochemistry at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, he became fascinated with winemaking, and eventually earned an M.S. in food science from UC Davis, with a specialization in enology. The history of Scharffenberger Cellars begins in 1981 in the heart of California's Anderson Valley. Situated only miles from the coastal influences of the Pacific Ocean, Scharffenberger Cellars also enjoys the deep soils and sunshine within the protected valley. Originally founded by John Scharffenberger, the company has gone through many transitions, including a name change when it was formally known as Pacific Echo from 1998 until July 2004. Today, the name and quality of the wine have been restored back to Scharffenberger Cellars under the new management of Maisons Marques & Domaines. Today we will feature the two wines you can only get at the tasting room.A Chardonnay and a Pinot Located just outside the tiny town of Philo, 125 miles north of San Francisco near the rugged Mendocino Coast, Scharffenberger Cellars is nestled in the gentle hills rising from the Anderson Valley. Scharffenbergers tasting room has a charming and relaxed feel, with a welcoming ambiance. The tasting room regularly features new artists, so visitors can taste the Scharffenberger sparkling wine while perusing the latest display of local artwork. Or, enjoy a glass of wine and a picnic in the gardens or on the porch! Call the Tasting Room 48 hours in advance to order a Boontberry Picnic for Two - $25! Let's sit down and enjoy some food and our two feature wines.And listen to our feature with Tex Sawyer Cheers! Click here and join the feast we are enjoying.

Friday, April 15, 2016

It's Friday/Patz and Hall Friday/Single Vineyard Pinot Noir/New Releases

We are ready to open two new releases from Patz and Hall Both wines are single vineyard Pinot Noirs.Both are 2014 vintage.We will look at the tasting notes and a little history on this great label...Then we will serve dinner...after you arrive. Patz & Hall was founded in 1988 by four talented individuals - Donald Patz, James Hall, Anne Moses and Heather Patz. Together, they have turned Patz & Hall into one of California’s most highly regarded wineries, with a celebrated portfolio of single-vineyard Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines. 2014 Sonoma Coast The more this spectacular vineyard matures, the more dramatic its wines become. Though somewhat brooding at first, the nose quickly opens up to reveal mesmerizing layers of dark chocolate, damp earth, porcini mushroom, cherry, plum and dried cranberry. On the palate, this mix of savory and sweet elements continues, gaining depth and momentum as the wine reveals itself in evermore-nuanced layers. Gliding to a long, flowing conclusion, the dense tannins and robust structure turn silky and smooth, providing a memorable finish.This is a beautiful wine,and one of my favorites from Patz and Hall. We have a second new rtelease from Patz and Hall...The Jenkins Ranch Pinot Noir 2014. 2014 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir Once again, Jenkins Ranch has delivered a luscious, flowing expression of Pinot Noir with rich, mouthcoating tannins and alluring fruit. On the nose, layers of spicy cherry, moist forest floor and sea spray showcase this wine’s beautiful balance between concentration and complexity. The palate is lush and creamy, with supple tannins adding silkiness to red fruit flavors of raspberry, plum and pomegranate. Underscoring it all are hints of burnt almond toffee and cocoa, as well as an intriguing savoriness that carries the wine to a long satisfying finish. Vintage after vintage, Jenkins delivers a rich, flowing expression of Pinot Noir with big tannins and alluring fruit—and 2012 is no exception. While this wine showcases plenty of fresh-picked wild strawberry, pomegranate and raspberry jam layers, there are also more savory flavors of white pepper, iodine and sage, as well as a hint of briny ocean air. This is a particularly great showing for Jenkins Vineyard! Past vintages have recieved great reviews from Jenkins Ranch and Patz and Hall...check this out...Wine Enthusiast - "This is a forceful and powerful wine from a vineyard site in the producer’s portfolio since 2005. Broad-shouldered, it offers juicy strawberry and pomegranate expressive of a ripe, picture-perfect vintage. It also manages to retain a pretty, floral characteristic and a depth of dried herb, clove and peppery spice, particularly on the finish." We can't tell you how amazing the wines coming from the Sonoma coast are! you need to enjoy both these wines.They are classic examples of great wines that will age and also taste great in your glass TONIGHT!Let me prove it to you.Cheers! We are serving rack of Lamb,and did save you a seat!CARRY ON!