Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Daryl Groom/One of The Best Winemakers on The Planet/Zinfandel feature

Wehave another great audio feature for you all today!daryl Groom Will join me as we open his great Zinfandel.First we look at his website and fill you in on his great career in the winemaking industry. Daryl Groom has been involved in the wine industry in both the USA and Australia for more than 30 years. Currently he is engaged in a number of wine- related projects in both countries. He is the Owner/ Winemaker for Groom Wines in Australia, a very successful ultra premium brand focusing on Shiraz and Sauvignon Blanc. His other great joy is his newest brand Colby Red Wine, a wine initiated and inspired by his son Colby Groom who underwent back to back open heart surgeries. Proceeds from this wine go to charities across the USA that promote heart health ( The Groom Family has raised over $900,000 for heart charities including the American Heart Association and The Children's Heart Foundation. Prior to his current ventures, Daryl was Senior Winemaker for Penfolds in Australia where he oversaw the making of Penfolds famed red wine, Grange. He was the Executive Winemaker for Peak Wines International that owned both Geyser Peak and Wildhorse Wineries (1990-2005) and then Senior VP of Operations and Winemaking for Beam Wine Estates (2006/2007). Daryl's passion for wine sees him judging at 8 international wine shows annually. He has also been a repeat guest on E television and also appeared on the NBC Today Show. He also partners and is Chief Judge at the North Coast Wine Challenge Wine Competetion and is partner with well known Chef Charlie Palmer in the prestigious and highly successful Charlie Palmers Pigs and Pinot. Pigs and Pinot is an annual 2 day event that raises over $150,000 for local and national charities. Zinfandel is a grape variety whose origins are believed to be from Europe, possibly Croatia, where it was traded to Italy and referred to as Primativo. Zinfandel’s success is primarily related to California where it has been grown for 150 years. It is produced by many wineries and receives cult status among wine lovers. Many believe this variety is to California what shiraz is to Australia. Zinfandel is a hearty variety. It produces its best wines in areas where the grapevine needs to work hard. Our Kalimna shiraz vineyard has just the micro-climate to experiment with this variety to endeavour to produce wines that match California’s best. It is no secret that the best California Zinfandels are from old vines, grown head-trained (aka bush vines). With this principle in mind we decided to plant and train our vines to this method. More time consuming, less yield but hopefully high quality. Our 8 acres of bush vines have been designated the “Bush Block”. This first release is a solid wine displaying very typical zinfandel hallmarks. Brick red in colour, a very spicy, raisiny aroma and a rich medium weighted palate with some apparent sweetness, although the wine is dry. This sweetness in taste comes from the higher alcohol and raisining of some of the grapes. This wine can be very much enjoyed with pasta or red meat, and will be fantastic with cheese to end a meal. Please join us by clicking on the link below,and enjoy our great audio feature with Daryl Groom1 Cheers! Click here and join us as we enjoy great wines and food.

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