Friday, June 15, 2018

Handley Cellars White Wines/Summertime Wines/Randy Schock

The weather is perfect and the afternoon begs for a glass of crisp white wine to go with that lunch on the patio.We have 2 perfect wines for any summer time dish.We will talk with Randy shock about two great white wines from Handley Cellars.First let's check out the website and learn more about these great whites! RANDY SCHOCK is a winemaker's winemaker.Well respected by others in the industry and full of passion for each of the wines he makes for this fabled winery from Anderson valley. Randy has lived in Anderson Valley since 1998 with his wife Gina and their three sons, Paul, Owen, and Finn. His winemaking career began as assistant winemaker at Fieldstone in Alexander Valley. Before long, the opportunities and rural beauty of Anderson Valley led him to a harvest-time job with Navarro Vineyards and as winemaker at Philo Ridge Winery during its startup years. In 2004 Randy jumped at the opportunity to join Handley as our Cellar Master. In 2013 Randy was promoted to Co-Winemaker where he thrives on making balanced wines that showcase the local terroir. He is dedicated to his work and appreciates that his career is closely tied to agriculture and the natural cycles of the seasons. Pleasing Handley customers is one of Randy’s greatest motivations. At Handley Cellars, we firmly believe in a conscious and conscientious approach to farming and winemaking. We purchase grapes from small, local, family growers, and whenever possible, we select fruit that is farmed organically. Our winemaking philosophy is to let the distinctive qualities of each vineyard shine through. Working with carefully tended, exceptional sites, we strive to create wines which faithfully reflect the unique characteristics of the vineyards and viticultural region, focusing on our appellation of Anderson Valley. We select vineyards that fully ripen at lower brix, resulting in wines with low to moderate alcohol levels. Beginning with the 2012 vintage, our white wines are free of animal products. From start to finish, we are mindful of our impact on our rural valley, and the implications of our farming and wine making choices for future generations. Our first wine is the Pinot Gris,and this wine will become a favorite with your first sip of this wine.paired with many dishes this wine is ALWAYS a superstar. The fleshiest of all the aromatic whites, this Pinot Blanc from the Schrader Vineyard in Ukiah immediately draws you in with its sunny nature and aromas of spring flowers, apricot blossoms and musk melon, its signature fragrance. The aromatics are boosted with 10% Greenwood Ridge Riesling, which adds a decidedly floral note. Made like all Handley wines without fining agents that contain known allergens, like dairy and eggs, this wine's creamy texture is purely from skin contact and yeast additions. Blessed with juicy peach and pineapple flavors, along with the creaminess of Macadamia nuts, this Pinot Blanc shows good stature and structure, all the way through its incredibly long finish, which leaves you with a pleasant lingering smack of Bartlett pear. Let's stop right here and sit down on the porch and enjoy a glass of wine from Handley Cellars,and click on the link below and learn more about these beautiful wines.Cheers! Click here and join us as we enjoy the white wines of Handley Cellars .

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