Friday, December 15, 2023

Dry Creek Vineyard /Don Wallace/ Holiday Wines/2020 Spencer's Hill Petite Sirah/ANd The Historic Blocks Zinfandel

We have two perfect wines for your holiday feast!Are you ready. First the 2020 Spencer's Hill Petite Sirah Dry Creek Valley Winemaker Notes: The Petite Sirah varietal has traditionally played an important role in producing our world-class Zinfandel wines. In certain vintages, we decide to bottle a small amount of Petite Sirah to more fully express this incredible variety. From the first moments of airing, this Petite Sirah exudes aromas of blackberry and ripe plum with nuances of nutmeg, coriander and fine leather. The palate is defined by flavors of black cherry, white pepper. cinnamon and mocha. The tannins are firm, but well integrated with a long and lingering finish. Notes of pie crust and dried herbs emerge along a deep and rich mouthfeel filled with supple tannins and a smooth texture. This wine is a huge and beautiful wine,and moved straight to the top of my favorite wines! Until we opened the 2020 Historic Blocks Zinfandel Dry Creek Valley Winemaker Notes: Our Historic Blocks Zinfandel is a tribute to the legacy vineyards of Dry Creek Valley and our family winery’s enduring commitment to preserve the extraordinary heritage of Zinfandel. Located primarily along the eastern bench of the valley, specific blocks of old vine Zinfandel were selected as the backbone of this robust and luxurious wine. These century-old, gnarled vines are still tended to by hand, preserving this beloved tradition and living testament to the remarkable history of our home appellation. This vintage presents inviting aromatics of boysenberry, blackberry and plum with notes of orange peel, baking spice and toasty cedar. On the palate, layers of black cherry, cranberry and raspberry come forward with nuances of coriander, whit pepper, mocha and rose petal. The wine is full-bodied, with deep richness and impeccable balance. Its tannins are slightly firm and lend a plush mouthfeel. Both wines will be on the table for my next birthday the day after Christmas! Don wallace will tell us more about these wines,and we have agreat audio feature which you can access by clicking on the link below. Please join us!AND Happy holidays! Click here and join us as we enjoy great food and wine .

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